New Open Platform API for Government Transparency & Innovation

As web-based technology platforms become more and more prevalent in the government, it’s important that agencies choose the one that’s going to give them the utmost flexibility. That’s why selecting one that has an open architecture and API is so important. This it allows agencies integrate systems and work between multiple workflows without redundancy. Also, it saves time and often delivers even more powerful results.

Granicus just released it’s new Open Platform API which will serve as a valuable tool for developers looking to build innovative applications with Granicus data. Also, it enables governments to integrate their agenda management workflows and systems directly with the Granicus platform. The end result tightly integrates government records—audio, video, agendas, and supporting documents—into a digital public record that’s conveniently accessible to staff and citizens online anytime, anywhere.

Read about the new Open API and Granicus’ Certified Partner Network.

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