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New Post from UAP’s Max Stephenson: The Idea of the Nation

Max Stephenson

From the Institute for Policy and Governance blog:

“Some 30 years ago the eminent political scientist Samuel Beer wrote an article for the New Republic in which he questioned the implications for what he called the idea of the nation of then President Reagan’s declaration that “government” was the nation’s most pressing challenge. We now know the Reagan years ushered in a period of neo-liberal politics in which it has become common currency for elected leaders in the United States and Europe to argue that economic growth requires smaller government, diminished regulation of market actors and, in general, increased political support for the market and for investors and investment capital in society. If anything, as I have written recently, this predilection has only deepened in our society and politics since the Reagan presidency, with all of the current Republican Party presidential candidates adopting the neo-liberal stance as axiomatic” Read more

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