New York City

Is there anyone in the group who has experience in the NYC public sector?

I will be attending an executive MPA program in NYC and I want to start meeting people who work for the city?

Learn about the culture at different agencies. What are the popular agencies to work for?

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Profile Photo Gregory DeStefano

Hi Everyone

Thank you Steve for passing my question on to the NYC group.

I am not going to Wagner-great school! This will be my second master’s degree. I am going to the executive MPA program at Baurch college this fall.

I currently work for HHC specifically Metropolitan hospital. My linkedin profile has a brief summary of my background.

I look forward to meeting and assisting fellow city workers and learning more about the different agencies people work for.

I am also excited that there is a lot work available but I want to make sure I find the right match. Do not want more school!!!!