New York to Get BIG Green Building

BIG NYC design
In the world of cutting-edge architecture, the Bjarke Ingles Group (BIG) is just about a innovative as it gets. Bjarke wowed TED audiences a few years ago with a round-up of BIG’s projects. The name BIG isn’t just a coincidence, Bjarke Ingles likes to challenge the idea of what a building looks like to make its form match the environmental goals he so often places at the heart of his projects.

This is clearly on display in renderings of BIG’s new New York City project, which completely throws away the classic NYC skyscraper design. BIG gives the building more green space, orients its toward the sun, creates a central courtyard, and gives the already-iconic New York skyline a dramatic new addition. Details on the exact “greeness” of the structure aren’t out yet, but if the group’s past eco-friendliness is any indication, we can expect this project to be as nice to the environment as it will be for those who live there.
BIG NYC rendering

Photos via BIG

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