Newspapers. Do You Get One?

Newspapers. Do You Get One? is a post by Carol Covin, a passionate polymath and a helluva blogger.
She’s an author, a coder, a cancer researcher, a trainer of grandmothers, grandchildren (and those in between), a sharp observer of where we’ve been and where we are going…Nope. This is not going to get it.
Let me describe Carol this way – I have never read one of her posts without being profoundly glad I did. I can’t think of any higher praise. She is the real deal.
The money quote from Newspapers. Do You Get One? was, “Reading about all the tragedies in the world does not keep you informed. It is just an overload of sadness.” And the rest is also real good.
Carol is going to be a panelist with me at Blah, Blah Blog at the Web Managers Roundtable, on August 9. We’ll be discussing how to develop a high impact repeatable blogging operation that makes a difference.
Please join us!

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