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Online resume secrets that get results

SUMMARY: Read my three-part blog series- Online Job Hunting with SEO- that gives insider tips on how to research, write and post a search-optimized resume that is guaranteed to attract recruiters and employers!

With severe government budget cuts from Washington, DC, to Washington state, some government employees are finding they have to search for jobs in the private sector, many for the first time. And all of us have friends or family members who are struggling to find a job.

To exacerbate matters, the days of a simple one-page printed resume on nice paper stock are over. To find a job today requires web savvy and understanding just how online job search engines work. Plus, you have to do target marketing to identify what your audience (recruiters and employers) are looking for in candidates in your field, and how these recruiters and employers are going to use these online job engines to screen candidates to – hopefully- find you!

I have written a three-part blog series on Online Job Hunting with SEO (search engine optimization) that shares some of my tried and true techniques I have honed over the years for writing and marketing yourself to employers and recruiters via targeted keyword research, a search-optimized resume, and “smart” online resume postings.

I hope these tips help you find the job of your dreams!

Here’s to your successful job hunt!

Michele Bartram

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James E. Evans, MISM, CSM


I like this series. I have read part 1 with great interest. I fall in the category of “government employees entering the private sector”. We do have our own terminology. The challenge is to find a matching job definition in the private sector. Thanks for providing this career compass.

Michele Bartram

Thanks, James! Finding a job has never been so challenging, and more so now for government employees with the assault on public service. However, many people in government have awesome responsibilities over significant programs that have definite applicability in the private sector. The trick is finding out how to “translate” your government achievements into measurable results that have meaning for private employers. Best of luck!