NIST Web 2.0 (Live) Working Group

“The NIST Information Coordinators Committee has established a Web 2.0 group with representation from across NIST to suggest and facilitate new ways that NIST’s Web site can create two-way communication with our stakeholders and to update our policies to explicitly provide guidance for using Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, public comment functions for Web pages, YouTube videos, official use of social networking sites like Facebook, wiki’s etc. The group has held one meeting and will be reviewing a draft NIST Web 2.0 policy at its next meeting in early January.” Leon Gerskovic, Digital Media Specialist/Public Affairs Office

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Congrats. My advice. Start small, take steps quickly, and learn from your mistakes. Web 2./Social Media works best when you try new things and learn from them quickly rather than creating a huge plan (although policies are needed as well). Find some safe spots to experiment.

Denise Hill

Great, Two questions – Who [org title] is the executive sponsor? What position is the Committee leader? Okay Three questions … Are any of the participants from the business org? I’ll chk bk 4 response. Thanks much

Jaime L. Maynard

NIST is made up of 13 operating units, most of which are laboratories. Each unit has an Information Coordinator on the team. It is led by our Public and Business Affairs Office, under the Office of the NIST Director – and it is strictly an internal committee (no businesses, or other government agency staff). As to taking small steps, we are trying to. However, the Department of Commerce is already looking at creating a department-wide web 2.0 policy and NIST will have to comply with new guidance as it is issued.