No More Excuses

If one were to ask any given selection of police departments across the country what they are doing to stay in touch with their citizens, he would receive a mixture of responses but my guess would be that a few or more of them would be that they don’t stay in touch. When asked why, they would provide more mixed responses such as: “why should we?”, “we can’t fund the required technology”, “we don’t have the time”, etc.

A new community information system available at no cost to every law enforcement agency in the U.S. invalidates any excuse. The new service,, allows law enforcement agencies to send emergency alerts and other information to their citizens via email, SMS (text messaging), online posts, and Twitter all from one very easy to use web based application. Sending alerts really is as easy as sending an email and the citizens can select how they receive their messages based on the level of alert sent by the agency.

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