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No More Excuses

If one were to ask any given selection of police departments across the country what they are doing to stay in touch with their citizens, he would receive a mixture of responses but my guess would be that a few or more of them would be that they don’t stay in touch. When asked why,Read… Read more »

Not Enough Crime

President Obama and AG Holder announced the availability of $2B in funding for State and local law enforcement agencies on March 6, 2009. Like many law enforcement admins I was glad to hear it. I actually got an email this morning about the program and what my agency needs to do in order to applyRead… Read more »

Finally on Twitter

I first heard about Twitter through a friend of my wife several months ago and thought it was stupid. I’m a technically savvy guy, but I just didn’t see the need to post my every move for all of my “followers” to see and I really don’t care to get an update each time oneRead… Read more »