“No poverty reduction strategy proposed”

The gritty challenges that are involved in making real progress with Open Government is effectively captured through a review of the Campaign 2000 work.

As they report Canada voted in a party that has no poverty reduction strategy. (Federal Election 2011 review – 10 page PDF). Not much chance of tackling poverty issues if there isn’t even a program!

This highlights a number of aspects about Open Government, primarily that it’s not just about making existing policies more open for review, it’s about involving the public in making new ones. If the Conservatives fail to define a policy then there’s a hole that needs filled, and direct public action is needed.

Also in comparison each of the other parties did have a policy proposal. In particular the Green Party appeared to have some clear ideas on the matter, but of course who would get to hear about them with them being cold-shouldered from the TV debate.

Exactly what is Open Government, eh?

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