Now Is Gone Author Geoff Livingston Addresses the National Park Service

Buzz Bin blogger Geoff Livingston addresses the National Park Service public affairs conference on social media adoption. Discussion includes Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, case studies from TSA, the Library of Congress, Nature Conservancy, and pitfalls like Shiny Object Syndrome.

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Cool. Do you like Viddler? Feel free to upload it to the video section as well as people may find it easier over there

Geoff Livingston

Yeah, Viddler gives a better quality experience over YouTube (but lacks the Google juice). Will do on upload.

Andrew Wilson

Very interesting point that people don’t necessarily trust social media but they do trust organizations that have experts who are using social media. Content and interaction are king and, if you are agree with that, an engaged, accessible expert is able to provide real value to the public.