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GovLoop’s Steve Ressler Rocks the Public Sector

In every big city there’s an underground, and in every large online movement there are undercurrents. In the Government 2.0 space that undercurrent is taking place on GovLoop, a relatively new, Ning-based social network with more than 8,000 public sector or related members. The man behind GovLoop is Steve Ressler, who also was one ofRead… Read more »

Twitter in the Crosshairs – Facebook’s Gambit

Everyone has seen the change, and have debated whether it’s really a rip-off of Twitter’s microblog format. Those of us who have been through the microblogging wars see some other similarities, with the conversational commentary seeming to run more like Pownce and Plurk than the Twitter format of @s and RTs. Regardless, the livestream seemsRead… Read more »

Congress Delivers Major Social Media Failure

It seemed like an event worth passing on. In fact, I’ve tried to pass on many of the government 2.0 conversations of late, but last week’s Congressional Tweeting during Obama’s speech last week was flat out disturbing. While Congressional tweeting from 50 elected officials highlighted how hot Twitter has become, it also demonstrated an irresponsibleRead… Read more »