now that my Fellowship has ended….what’s next?

This post is part 3 of a 3-part series by recently-graduated SF2011 Fellow Marielle Earwood, reflecting on her Fellowship year.

With the end of my Fellowship year, it’s really hard to believe that so much time has gone by, and that my position
as a City Hall Fellow has moved onto the next phase: working in my
own full-time city government position. This year has been such
an incredible year of immense opportunities, lessons and growth. It’s hard to
believe that I got placed in the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, an
agency that provides water, power and wastewater services to all of San
Francisco’s residents, and beyond! Furthermore, not only working for the agency,
but getting placed into an Enterprise that is about to launch a 30 year, $6.9
Billion capital improvement program – the Wastewater Enterprise’s Sewer System Improvement Program.

I get to be on the forefront of the implementation of these improvement projects- what an incredible opportunity! Being in the City Hall Fellows Fellowship program has helped paved the way for furthering my
professional development, providing a glimpse of what a professional career can
feel like, and giving me the tools I need to succeed in serving the city I love,
San Francisco! With the successful completion of my Fellowship year, I was hired onto my team to help implement the same project that I
coordinated and helped make happen as a Fellow!

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