Obama administration calls for online privacy bill of rights

money.cnn.com reports:

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — The Obama administration on Thursday unveiled a proposed new framework for protecting consumers’ privacy online.

The plan centers around a “Privacy Bill of Rights” that would encourage better transparency about data collection online, according to the Commerce Department’s report on its policy recommendations. It would promote “informed consent” for consumers through simple notices that clearly state what personal information will be collected and what will be done with it.

Web Analytics Rock Star Eric Peterson responds:

Thanks to Tim Evans I was alerted to a report about the Commerce Department weighing in on privacy issues online. Suffice to say I agree with the direction Commerce is giving the Obama administration. Specifically the idea that, according to CNN’s Money, “the government ‘enlist the expertise and knowledge of the private sector’ to create ‘voluntary codes of conduct that promote informed consent and safeguard personal information.’”

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