One Night In Bangkok, The NBA Playoffs… only from the Hokie Guru, Govloop’s Bureaucrat on Sports

Let’s get things started… back to the 1980’s….

One Night in Bangkok makes a hard guy humble

2010 NBA Playoffs

After 1230 regular season games, the NBA playoffs have arrived.

Let’s take a look at the first round matchups:

Eastern Conference

1.) The #1 seed Cleveland Cavaliers take on the #8 seed Chicago Bulls. Expect a lot of rest for the Cavs as the Hokie Guru expects a complete sweep of the Bulls (goes no more than five games). LeBron James might score 40 or more points every night… he is the best player in the game today… no player has a higher basketball IQ.

2.) The #2 seed Orlando Magic take on the #7 seed Charlotte Bobcats, the feel-good team in this year’s NBA playoffs. Feel good, of course, because it’s been SEVERAL YEARS since a Charlotte team has been in the NBA playoffs… and feel good because Michael Jordan owns this team. But that’s about as feel good as it gets because the Magic will win in five with this guy here… Dwight Howard:

3.) #3 Atlanta Hawks take on the #6 Milwaukee Bucks… the Atlanta Hawks literally have one of the quickest teams in the Eastern Conference. Their guard play is just terrrific with Mike Bibby, Joe Johnson, etc. You can see their roster here. The Bucks’ Brandon Jennings might be my rookie of the year. Atlanta wins in 5 or 6 games.

4.) #4 Boston Celtics take on the #5 Miami Heat… admittedly, it makes good sense to take the team here with veteran leadership… Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen will carry the day. The Hokie Guru thinks that the Celtics will pull off this series in seven games.

Western Conference

1.) #1 seed Los Angeles take on the #8 Oklahoma City Thunder… while the Hokie Guru thinks the Lakers take this matchup in 5-6 games, it will be fun to watch. If Lebron James is the #1 player, Kobe Bryant is #1a. The Thunder have one of the league’s most exciting young players in Kevin Durant (a local DC area product from Silver Spring who played his high school ball at Montrose Christian and played collegiately at Tay-haas!!).

2.) The #2 Dallas Mavericks Washington Wizards take on the #7 seed San Antonio Spurs. Yep… all the stud players that were at the Wiz are making a big impact in Dallas. And quite frankly, they deserve to win after their time here in Washington. To be sure, the Mavs leader is still Dirk Nowitzki, but the new guys have had a great impact. Mavs win in six, but the Hokie Guru still has love for Tim Duncan.

3.) #3 seed Phoenix Suns take on the #6 seed Portland Trailblazers. In the NBA playoffs, experience mattters… especially at the point guard position… the Suns’ Steve Nash is one of the best in the league (and the Suns are red hot)… Portland is one of the youngest teams in the playoffs (right behind the Oklahoma City Thunder). The Suns could be a surprise team in these playoffs.

4.) In a mountain west set, the #4 seed Denver Nuggets take on #5 seed Utah Jazz. Watch Carmelo Anthony in this game… he is up there with LeBron James and Kobe Bryant as one of the top five players in the NBA… the Hokie Guru has Denver winning in six games.

The moral of the story is that home court means a lot in the NBA playoffs… at least in the first round (and maybe more)… the Hokie Guru took all the home teams to win. Dear NBA, the Hokie Guru is a big fan!!

Have a great day, Govloopers.

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