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On Monday, I received an email from the Inaugural Committee encouraging me to download the Inauguration 2013 App to my smartphone to stay up to date on events taking place in DC this weekend. This simple but thorough mobile app shows me where I can watch the Inauguration (with or without a ticket), the route of the parade (so I can attend, or know which streets to avoid), and even an option to watch a live stream of the events (in case it’s too cold for me, or I find myself NOT in DC that day). Additionally the app allows me to follow and contribute to social media chatter on Twitter and Facebook.

My first reaction to this app was that it seemed a little outrageous, considering that this is a whole mobile tool built for events spanning only one weekend. That said, this is one of the more significant events in American history and it only happens every four years. And then I thought about accessibility.

Capitol Communicator’s recent study (presented in a nifty infographic) shares that 66% of people in DC have smartphones, and other studies suggest that anywhere from one-half to three-quarters of the US population own smartphones. This means that mobile apps are continuing to become primary sources of information for users who need to know on the go. And when given the choice between Googling for relevant information on crowds, maps and other information or downloading an app that has all the relevant content at the pressing of one button, I would pick the app.

Providing information on one-time events as well as new or changing stories through mobile apps is something to consider, whether you are hosting a conference, disseminating quantitative data, or, you know, being inaugurated. Apps offer you a space to present the information you want users to have, while also inviting them to connect and contribute their own experiences, or share items they find interesting with their social networks.

OmniStudio can provide mobile solutions for your organization, helping you to reach your targeted audiences. We’d love to work with you on your next great mobile project.

For more info on OmniStudio’s mobile app design capabilities, contact Elisabeth Crum, [email protected]

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