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Have no fear, Open Source is here!

We’re pleased to see GovLoop’s great report on open source solutions and agencies of the future released this month. OmniStudio, jumped on the open source bandwagon back in 2006, and we’ve long been making the argument that open source websites (especially those built in WordPress and Drupal) can help to lower tech costs, improve functionalityRead… Read more »

Facebook Attempts to Gain Cool Points With Roll-out of #Hashtags

Proving once again the awesomeness of Twitter, Facebook bit the bullet on hashtags and rolled them out to some users this week. Rumors of Facebook hashtags began to circulate in March, but now that they’re finally here we will begin to see whether they enhance user experience and functionality on Facebook, or indicate that FacebookRead… Read more »

Flickr Face Lift Reminiscent of Facebook Layout, Takes a Run at Google

Did anyone else notice that Flickr’s redesign propelled it in the direction of looking exactly like Facebook would look if images were the only content type? I am not denying that Marissa Mayer has brought an incredible amount of fresh ideas and new strategies to reinvigorate Yahoo and at the very least to keep itRead… Read more »

Marketing, Fundraising, Online Engagement: Tying it all Together

I was struck this weekend by a beautiful metro car ad featuring the Partners in Preservation campaign to support 24 historical places in the DC metro area. My interest was naturally piqued by the combination of historic sites (I love history, worked for a museum) and social media engagement (I may or may not beRead… Read more »

Cross-Cultural Communication through Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms are not just social, they are global. Even though US users tend to make up the largest proportion of social media users on these and other sites, the internet makes reaching a global community more and more feasible. While attending a workshop hosted by Social@Ogilvy on this topic, I wasRead… Read more »

Social Media Week DC: Three Take-Aways

If you’re like me, you’re still recovering from and trying to absorb and sort all the content shared during Social Media Week last week. There was so much information and so many ideas presented at each session that I found myself consistently over-stimulated, but in an exciting way. As I wait for all of theRead… Read more »