Open Gov West conference happening this weekend…

I know this is a bit late notice but I didn’t want you
to miss out on this really cool and first of its kind opportunity in this

Site: http://opengovwest.com
Register: http://ogw.eventbrite.com/

Open Government is about transparency, participation, and collaboration.
Our region – the Pacific Northwest and Cascadia – is positioned to lead the way
in developing the policies and technologies that will make government
more efficient and empowering – and can engage citizens at a whole new level.

Open Gov West is a first-of-its-kind conference bringing together leaders from
across the region. Divided into two distinct days with separate
formats and content, the conference offers participants both a work summit on best
practices and standards for regional governments (Day 1) and an exciting
“unconference” exploring new ideas, technology, and practices in open
government (Day 2). All conference attendees are invited to a social
event the night of the first day.

We’re are confirming more speakers every day. (To see an up-to-date list
of speakers and panelists for Day 1, visit http://opengovwest.com/day-one/.
We also welcome you to be a part of the participant-generated content in Day
2’s ‘unconference’!)

Conference scholarships and discounts for travel expenses are available. You
can also email me for a 10% discount code.

Register here: http://ogw.eventbrite.com/

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