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FHWA survey of State DOT use of Web 2.0 tools

We (Washington State Department of Transportation) were fortunate enough to be featured in a research study done by the Volpe Institute through FHWA surveying uses of social media tools by transportation agencies: The report offers a good overview of how transportation agencies are using social media each in their own distinct ways to reachRead… Read more »

Open Gov West conference happening this weekend…

I know this is a bit late notice but I didn’t want you to miss out on this really cool and first of its kind opportunity in this area. Site: Register: Open Government is about transparency, participation, and collaboration. Our region – the Pacific Northwest and Cascadia – is positioned to lead theRead… Read more »

Just let them know what is happening…

Early last year we had a significant snow storm that caused many avalanches in places along I-90 in central Washington that hadn’t seen avalanches before. One of these avalanches took out a popular Web camera. Immediately after the camera was taken offline by an avalanche negative feedback started coming in as users of our siteRead… Read more »