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Our focus on the adoption of Open Government within Canada can be accessed at

Fundamentally this fledgling practice has had two major landmark events to date: 1) The Open Government Resolution by the Privacy Commissioner, and 2) Beth Noveck addressing the parliament on March 2, 2011.

In this address Beth lays out a best practice framework for other governments to repeat the great strides made by the world leading USA.

Fundamentally this is based on: “Beginning the process of creating an open and collaborative culture in the public sector requires a combination of 1) policy; 2) platforms; and 3) projects. “

and can be implemented through 10 key steps:

1. Go Open – Commit to holistic openness.

2. Open Gov Includes Open Access – Make open efficiencies repeatable.

3. Make Open Gov Productive Not Adversarial – Maximize process efficiencies possible through Openizing government

4. Be Collaborative – Transform from old and closed to new and collaborative.

5. Love Data – Implement an Open Data culture.

6. Be Nimble – Open Government is about transformation from old and slow to new and quick.

7. Do More, Spend Less – Leverage the efficiencies Open Government offers.

8. Invest in Platforms – Invest in the required technologies.

9. Invest in People – Create new skills and roles.

10. Design for Democracy – Make process inherently democratic.

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