Open Linked Data as the foundation for Open Government

As part of my work to promote Cloud Computing globally, I’m focused on a number of core technologies that are also key to Open Government.

In particular ‘Open Linked Data’ – See my main summary of this here, where I describe that it will enable “Cloud 2.0” apps.

Open Data is a very popular topic within the Open Government conversation, with the UK in particular leading a number of very exciting innovations in this area via, such as launching a Public Data Corporation.

This is part of a compelling strategy to make the Government more transparent, given a powerhouse of a foundation by the fact Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web, sits on the Transparency Board.

Sir Tim explains Linked Data, and the fact that it’s ‘Open Linked Data’ that’s critical, rather than just Open Data, is that the linking part is key to broadening and maturing the use of this type of technology, including making it more secure to share a wider base of information.

Currently Governments will only publish Open Data that doesn’t include personal identity type data, meaning it’s somewhat limited in the functionality you can use it for.

In contrast Open Linked Data will incorporate aspects like ‘Link Contracts‘ that can enforce privacy rules, meaning the controls of the data are built into it and won’t require this kind of external supervision.

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