Open Message to Fellow State and Local Government GovLoop Members

Approximately one month has gone by since I became “participative” on GovLoop. I became a member almost a year ago, but it took me awhile start utilizing the great opportunities available here. My background includes county, city, airport and hospital based procurement and e-procurement blended with bidding some federally funded capital projects under federal rules. Overall, my primary daily focus is related to state and local government issues. My first take, after joining GovLoop, was that it was a great place for federal government participants, but there wasn’t a lot for state and locals like me. Of course, there is no denying the fact that the driving force to establish GovLoop was from the federal side. However, I have pleasantly discovered that there are all kinds of opportunities for state and local government members! If any one of us wants more,believing an subject has been omitted or covered insufficiently, it is very easy to start a group, start a discussion on an existing group, post a comment or blog!color:#333333″”> Arial;color:#333333″”>

The fact there are so many groups and it is so easy to cross post information and opinions presents a very unique opportunity for state and local government to interact effectively with federal to the mutual advantage, I believe, of all parties. For example, a current open discussion on the National Purchasing Institute group site requests comments concerning Martha Johnson’s recent keynote speech at FOSE.She announced GSA’s ambition to expand business and open more schedules to state & local government. There can be unlimited valid takes on this issue! They may be very different dependent on whether you are in state and local procurement or federal. They may be very different if you are from the Midwest or the DC area. One guaranteed bottom line of such discussions is that all of us will benefit from hearing all of the diverse opinions! We may use the information to bolster our previously held opinion, or we may adjust dour position after considering the new information, Even if nothing else results, we will be able to better frame the issues when we explain our personal stance or that of our organization to constituents and customers.

So what is my message? Share! Join groups! Open discussions! Comment! Blog! Don’t be like I was and wait a year to become active! This is by far the best environment I have seen for government social networking. Let’s utilize this great resource!

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Andrew Krzmarzick

This is really an incredible testimony, Hal. Thanks for sharing these thoughts with the community!

I am going to cross-post this to the MuniGov and other state/local groups so that they can share it with their colleagues…and get more awesome state and local GovLoopers on board!