GovLoop Poll: Have you completed and sent back your 2010 Census Form?

Has anyone not received their Census form yet?
How do you feel about having to send in the Census form?

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Scott Horvath

For those that haven’t received the census form, like me, you have to wait till April 12th to be allowed to request the form. Unfortunately there is no way you can fill the census out online. This is from the Census website:

Beginning April 12, 2010, you should call the Telephone Questionnaire Assistance center at one of the numbers listed below to obtain a questionnaire. The phone lines will be open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (your local time) seven days a week through July 30, 2010.

* English 1-866-872-6868
* Spanish 1-866-928-2010
* Chinese 1-866-935-2010
* Korean 1-866-955-2010
* Vietnamese 1-866-945-2010
* Russian 1-866-965-2010

For the hearing-impaired, dial TDD 1-866-783-2010 (during the times noted above.)

Meagen Ryan

I loved filling out my Census form. It’s like a patriotic standardized test on which I got a guaranteed A+. I was disappointed it wasn’t longer!

Marco Morales

Yeah, I filled in the “X” responses to the canned questions. Great job on designing, mailing, and following up on reminding all to fill it in and mail it off.



Meredith Mengel

So easy, and so important: A rare opportunity for your own Whoville to cry “We are here! We are here! We are HERE!” And actually be heard.

Katherine Foster Parramore

Just got back from Kabul and I’d love to complete it, but it’s not in my mail — and it’s so far down the list of things to chase after! Anyone know if there is an on-line version I can complete?

Adriel Hampton

I mailed it in the day after I received it, then two weeks later got another one. I’m pretty concerned about that level of wastefulness, even if 1 percent of the population were needlessly sent an extra one. This is 2010.

Caroline Melberg

We mailed ours in right away after we received it. We have a vacation cabin in a neighboring state, and received a phone call with questions about that home, but discovered that I didn’t have to fill out the census in two places, which makes sense. The woman doing the calling was super nice and very happy that I called her back, saving her the trip out to visit my cabin. So I guess I did my good environmental deed for the day!