Open Registration: YAP Mentoring Fall Class

This program is online mentoring class to help expose and train people new to the acquisition field.


  • Be a member of the group “YAP Mentoring – Fall 2010 Class”
  • Regularly communicate with your Mentor or Mentee.
  • Participate in the group.
  • Program lasts 3 months.
  • You make the most of it once paired.


  • Mentors register here. (Leave your name and email for pairing.)
  • Mentees register here. (Leave your name and email for pairing.)
  • I’ll try to match you with a Mentor or Mentee. (You can also have more than one Mentor or Mentee.)
  • Once you’re paired, it’s up to you to make the most of it.
  • You start once you’re paired.
  • Registration closes August 6.
  • The class graduates on November 6.

Lessons Learned from Last Class

Keeping everything within GovLoop would have made it easier to keep track of participants, so I can help out if needed. That’s why we’ve making a GovLoop group.

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