Changing cultural mindset on mapping processes

I am interested in receiving feedback on how to implement the use of process maps throughout an organization. My office has done a great job and we have process maps for every action – these have helped greatly with new hires and we constantly review for changes resulting in higher efficiencies. Other offices within our organization give me that hazey “what are you talking about” look when process maps are mentioned. Many of them simply store that information in their heads and rely on SOPs. Whether it be process maps or another tool, my intent is to ensure all offices have documented steps detailing the tasks associated with their functions-preventing loss of intellectual property when an employee leaves and promoting process improvement. Would love to hear ideas from all willing to share and thank you in advance.

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Jim Dickey

I think there are several things you can to do. The first thing is you need to solve for the WIIFM (what’s in it for me). You should paint a picture of the value that the process maps have provided to you in shortening your training curve, make changes to your process, etc. If you can show the overall value based on these training curves or in improving processes with benefits to bottom line, that should help the other areas start to get on-board. I would be happy to discuss with you if you have questions or want more information.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Hi Raul – This is beyond my area of expertise, but I did a quick Google search on “process maps” and government, and found what appears to be an excellent Leicester County, UK example:

In fact, many of the examples are coming out of the UK:


Wondering if our High Performance Organizations group might have some insight…