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Open Source has a Cyber Security Posse Riding in to South Carolina March 28th

One of my favorite projects I have the good fortune to be contributing to was created by the US Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (that’s DHS S&T in Beltway lingo, the equivalent of the R&D arm of the agency for the rest of us mere mortals) It’s called the HOST program (Homeland Open Security Technology).

Joining me at the upcoming Palmetto Open Source Software Conference (that’s POSSCON for the open-source saavy) will be other HOST team members from the likes of DHS, Georgia Tech Research Institute, the Open Source Software Institute, and other government experts like John Scott (most recently co-authored “Open Technology Development: Lessons Learned & Best Practices for Military Software.

The program does a number of things, but the main thrust is to help get open source cyber security tools in to the hands of federal, state and local agencies wherever it makes sense. The path that leads there includes creating some useful educational tools and making small, strategic investments to help make that possible.

If you’re interested in Open Source, the POSSCON event has grown into a must-attend. If you’re interested in security, please come join us. We’ll be there to….

Columbia, South Carolina serves up big heaps of southern hospitality to conference participants every year. This is my fourth year to make the pilgrimage there. If you can attend, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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