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February 6, 2010 — OpenGov websites and Public Engagement Tools

A week ago, OpenGov with the progress of the Open Government Directive moved to a new level, and one that many of us in the community have long anticipated. The schedule laid out by the OGD prescribes an almost ‘lightening round’ (for the slow, deliberate process that typify most government programs) series of events, deadlines and requirements. Earlier milestones seem relatively easy compared to the two that fell on 2-6-10. For as of February 6, 2010, the 24 agencies of the CIO Council were due to:

  1. Publish Open pages and
  2. Provide Public Engagement

All 24 agencies in the first wave completed the tasks, and the GSA OpenGov Team providing the Ideascale Venue that most of the group utilized for the Public Engagement. While not perfect, the tasks completed and the dialogues started are unprecedented in our history. Those of us in the government, and those of us in the OpenGov movement should be very proud of this beginning. Now let us trduge forward, as the “Happy Warriors” of an Open, Transparent, and Collaborative Government.

In discussions within groups of us (that basically agree with each other) and into the harsh light of the more public forum, we realize that the road ahead is still, and will always be strewn with rocks, roadblocks and attempts to divert attention away from the thoughtful discourse we all cherish. Get over it. The venue here on GovLoop has been amazing, and earlier today on FaceBook, I formally nominated GovLoop Steve to be the first OpenGov Czar.

“I am today putting into consideration for the position of OpenGov Czar, the name of Steve Ressler… w00t!” – Prez

OpenGov21 asks all members of GovLoop to wade in to the fray, and make the case that our goals and principals can be taken to the public venue for reasonable discussion. While it is tempting to answer the off-topic and politically inspired comments, we have found that it is best that we NOT engage in these diversionary arguments, but gently re-direct the discussion to the principal and process of OpenGov. We cannot do this without more voices from this group sharing in this discussion, and encouraging others to do the same.

OpenGov21 Moderator

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I think you should be the Czar :)….I agree – I think it is important that we push these OpenGov conversations forward and make sure the initial steps forward succeed. Important in building momentum to do more…