Crowdsourced Icelandic constitution submitted to parliament

Posted today on Crowdsourced Icelandic constitution submitted to parliament. It includes a poll: Do you think Iceland’s draft constitution is a milestone for open government? and an analysis of the open government elements in the draft constituion. Yes, I actually read the majority of their constitution 😉

Last week, the Iceland Constitutional Council, made up of 25 Icelandic citizens, presented a bill to their parliament outlining a new constitution. The bill contains 114 articles in nine chapters, and includes elements for a more open government. It appears that the population will be given the chance to vote on the new constitution after the Alþingi (national parliament) reviews the draft.

In April 2011, Iceland decided to rewrite their constitution by crowdsourcing ideas and suggestions from the Internet. We’ve taken a look at the draft constitution and there are several articles that create a more open government for Iceland. You’ve got the standard open meeting laws, but then it goes into detail about open data, transparency for campaign funding, and open land. Below are a few highlights from the draft constitution (translated using Google).

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