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What’s Your Game?

Troy Mathis knows how to talk. And he speaks in a way that makes you want to listen. His session -Make It Matter: Personal Professional Branding, at the Next Generation of Government Training Summit was high-energy, engaging, and inspiring. After listening to his presentation and going through the steps, I’ve come away with the realizationRead… Read more »

Please view my submission to the Knight News Challenge to strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation

Greetings. I submitted my entry to the current Knight Foundation News Challenge: “How can we strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation?” My entry focuses on online public comment. It’s titled: “Online public comment should replicate traditional and legislated standards, practices and processes. Not reinvent them.” I am advocating for establishing standards, practices andRead… Read more »

Four Roles for Citizen Co-Creators

A new report presents an innovative frame­work from which to view citizen “co-creation” of government services. The IBM Center for the Business of Government has released “Engaging Citizens in Co-Creation in Public Services Engaging Citizens in Co-Creation in Public Services,” which continues to explore the of public service co-creation and co-delivery, following the Center report,Read… Read more »

Four Approaches to Crowdsourcing

Is this a Golden Age for citizen involvement in government? As dismayed as some may be with the political process, there are growing opportunities for meaningful engagement in many areas, thanks to growing social media tools and a willingness to participate by many ordinary people. Gavin Newscom is California’s lieutenant governor, and was formerly theRead… Read more »

Co-Delivery: Beyond Traditional Citizen Engagement

Citizen engagement has traditionally been viewed as citizens participating in community activities such as testifying on policy proposals, budgets, and strategic plans. But government does more than policy and budget. And citizens want to do more than testify or volunteer at the local food bank. How can governments at all levels engage their citizens inRead… Read more »

Colorado Counties: Success and Challenges to New Media Use

In April I wrote briefly about Commissioner Audrey Danner from Moffat County, Colorado and her efforts in using social media to connect with her constituents. I had a chance to sit down with Commissioner Danner earlier this month at the Colorado Counties, Inc. summer conference and talk a bit more about Moffat County using FacebookRead… Read more »

DIY government holiday

We’ve all pretty much accepted that St. Patrick’s day is a new American holiday, regardless of the amount of Irish whiskey blood pumping through your veins. Around the country, we observe this day by drinking beer and wearing sparkly green pants and shamrock sunglasses. What do we do to observe non-religious holidays? President’s Day, MemorialRead… Read more »

Citizen Participation in Government and Journalism: a Future to Embrace with Caution

Two online articles, a Twitter exchange, and my own musings in the past few days have centered around the roles that “ordinary” citizens are adopting with the help of sensors and connectivity technology. The two articles that I noticed were Matthew Hall’s “Citizens as a Platform for Civic Improvement” and Robert Krulwich’s “The Three LittleRead… Read more »

The Relaunch

By Alex Moll, Communications Officer, eRulemaking Program Management Office Yesterday, the White House announced the relaunch of in a post on remaking public participation by Cass Sunstein, the Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA): “In response to the President’s direction, has launched a major redesign, including innovative new searchRead… Read more »

An Open Government Anniversary

By Alex Moll, Communications Officer, eRulemaking Program Management Office Executive Summary – This past month marked the one year anniversary of a significant Open Government milestone. One year ago, President Obama signed Executive Order 13563, “Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review.” Since then its implementation appears on the pages of agency retrospective reviews, new guidance setRead… Read more »