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Twitter Chat 101: Hosting as a Government Agency

Twitter chats certainly aren’t the newest concept, but their popularity has been steadily growing over the past few years. As their popularity grows, companies, organizations and now government agencies are beginning to get in on the fun. But to run your own Twitter chat, you have to know how. And while there is a plethora… Read more »

Try Crowdsourcing: No Surprises on Election Day

It’s no surprise that local governments are utilizing crowdsourcing to solve some of their biggest problems. Crowdsourcing, after all, uses some of the same basic tenets as democracy: where the decisions that serve a body are governed by the majority. Crowdsourcing is being used as a means to allocate budgets, cut waste, and solve longstandingRead… Read more »

Empowering Citizens with Money and Social Media

The White House’s Open Government initiative encourages citizens to become more actively engaged in budget decisions in their communities. How does this work in practice? Do busy citizens actually get involved? Inspired by successful efforts in Brazil and other countries around the world, several U.S. communities have undertaken pilot efforts to allow citizens to directlyRead… Read more »

When Comm is Not Enough

Citizen engagement operates with a lot of fancy titles like consumer education, consumer protection, client-centered services, outreach, or prevention and preparedness. In a prior life as an independent consultant, it was called community-based participatory research, and in my current role it is dubbed Community Engagement. (I must note, “citizen” explicitly denotes a legal status thatRead… Read more »

DorobekINSIDER Live: Tim Fullerton Discusses Citizen Engagement

The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army. –Jay Baer Just a few years ago social media was seen as an adolescent playground. Selfies, Facebook pokes, and pointless status updates created what seemed to be a cesspool of millennial playtime. Times have changed. If you don’t have an ongoingRead… Read more »

DorobekINSIDER Live: How Data is Changing the Face of Citizen Engagement

A special edition of GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER today. We’re LIVE! We meet every month with the simple idea, get smart people together and share ideas because we believe that the real power of information comes when it is shared. Better data means better customer service. Consider the way Amazon uses your purchasing history to suggest itemsRead… Read more »

Snapshot: How the U.S. Department of Education Uses Email to Engage Stakeholders

By Kelsey Lund, Marketing Communications Specialist, GovDelivery How is the Department of Education using open data programs, email and social media to engage stakeholders? Check out the snapshot below of part of the panel session with Cameron Brenchley, Director of Digital Strategy for the U.S. Department of Education from this year’s annual Digital Communications TourRead… Read more »

The Connection Between Engaged Citizens and Citizen Behavior

At every level of government, citizens are working to learn more and connect, share their ideas, effect change, and improve services. And despite this growing trend of moving all conversations online, there are many government entities that are hesitant to formally endorse or launch this kind of dialogue. Common questions include: “what if the dialogueRead… Read more »