“Our Children Don’t Even Know How to Be Alone” with @TKSpeaks at FOSE 2012

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Thomas Koulopoulos gave a very interesting discussion that examined invention and innovation through time – and how it affects the way we will be using cloud capabilities. Mr Koulopoulos is the author of eight books, and has recently released “Cloud Surfing.” as well, he is the founder of The Delphi Institute, and can be found on twitter: @TKSpeaks. Mr Koulopoulos’ research has identified connections as the force behind innovation and evolution through the past 200 years. Today however, those connections are no longer inter-personal, but rather machine to machine connections. Tom asked us to take off our current lens’ to look at new (and innovative) technology, and I can’t think of a better way to put it.

He looks at cloud as the new form of intelligence, one that takes all the disparate information of the internet and makes sense of it. Thus, today’s business models are no longer about capturing individual information, but rather capturing (and exploiting) behaviors.

He partners this with some information on today’s innovation. We are no longer innovating alone, “The future is not a solo flight,” but are innovating in teams. He sees teams with almost no thought to individual attribution or recognition creating new capabilities, but creating them collectively.

Lastly, he mentioned the value add of creating things electronically, and the path that might take us. Today, off shoring is being used to find inexpensive labor and provide added value (as well offer a place to store that information). The future of off shoring could be creating entirely on the internet, as well using those creations to fund future purchases.

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