Participation 3.0 Draft

Way back in 1995 I coordinated e-government (we called it government online back then) in the State of Minnesota and launched our first web portal. I also happened to lead as a volunteer a project called Minnesota E-Democracy. I was “government by day, citizen by night.” I shoveled content one-way during the day and participated in dynamic two-way exchange at night … always wondering when government would be so bold as to interact with the people online in meaningful ways.

Today I lead and thought many of you might be interested in the ideas in my Participation 3.0 draft that I just released.

While it suggests piloting next generation online civic engagement working with government and other partners first in Minnesota where we are strongest, the ideas are for everywhere. In fact the ideas are from everywhere and represent some of the best ideas I’ve picked up in my visits to over 25 countries (where I’ve spoken on e-democracy primarily to governments).

Let me know what you think.

Steven Clift

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Good stuff…would love to help out. I think there is real opportunity to increase engagement in local government through citizen participation. A big part of it I believe will have to be making it engaging, where people already are participating, and show value.

If you haven’t already, you should connect with Joe of Neighbors for Neighbors at Gov 2 Expo/Summit.