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Just completed a mass update to the Public Sector Bloggers website and feed which was initiated by Dave Briggs and tidied up by Steph Gray.

I used those signed up to @PubSecBloggers as well as my egov links in my blog‘s right column, which now needs an overhaul as a lot of sites/blogs are effectively defunked, to compile the additions.

Doing the update I was rather surprised to find so many blogs without obvious RSS feeds and found myself making some pretty harsh decisions on whether to bother looking for them. Based on their content’s quality, plus whether it had been updated at all recently, they were in or out.

I haven’t reviewed all the old list bar deleting two which were dead, so more changes may happen.

In my updating search, there were agencies and companies with blogs dominated by bad and self-serving PR, PR people with no blogs, big, big organisations with no RSS or blogs or blogs that weren’t linked to.

Despite prodding, no I’m not going to name names but I was socked! shocked I tells ya!

Here’s the new list. If I’ve missed anyone/thing who deserves to be here then add a comment.

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Hi Paul – thanks for sharing this information. I was also just working on my list last night over on my blog…that is mostly US, but included a few UK, Australia and Canada folks. What’s the best way to pull all of these blogs together from around the world? I know that Ajit Jaokar is initiating a blog carnival with representative voices…and Governing People has a moderated blog that pulls together several folks…


Paul Canning

Oh gawd I think everyone from the world would be just too much! Has to be edited, or ‘gardened’ somehow I think.

Plus, as I was just telling GoverningPeople (cough) it needs some, er, outreach.

There is much going on elsewhere – Singapore, Saudi, eastern Europe – to learn from but ‘we’ never hear much about it.

Don’t think anyone has got this completely right but I highly recommend eGov Victoria’s feed. I guess it’s that it needs resources alongside commitment and a global outlook.

Andrew Krzmarzick

“Singapore, Saudi, Eastern Europe…” Right on. And probably mobile tech in African nations, South America, more stuff from Australia and New Zealand. Will check out eGov Victoria.

Paul Canning

Glad to help. And actually added a few more following comment/DMs (check site).

+ if it ain’t now comprehensive then I’m taking my ball away … :]