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New White House Chief Digital Engagement Officer Has a Question …

Check out this post by Jason Goldman. Starting April 6th, his new job in the White House will be “to help create more meaningful online engagement between government and American citizens.” The core question from Jason: Here’s what I would love. I would love for you to answer this question: How can we — our government andRead… Read more »

Sunshine 2.0 – What is your government doing? Survey, slides

I’ve cleared the decks this week. Today, I am digging deep into the draft Sunshine 2.0 guide for the national League of Women Voters. I’ve been drawing on my early e-government days in Minnesota state government and my many speaking trips where I’ve collected some of the best examples of democracy online supported by governmentRead… Read more »

Judgement Day. How does your government want to be evaluated for “Sunshine 2.0” or your support of democracy online?

The national League of Women Voters has commissioned me via to draft a guide titled “Sunshine 2.0.”In short, local Leagues will use this guide to evaluate their local government online efforts based on their support of democracy. Government themselves, academics, and the media may also use the guide to see how they compare withRead… Read more »

How is your government “building local community” online? Invite to Locals Online

In many cities, neighborhood councils have been established through a mix of citizen-up voluntary and government-led activities. Often established as non-profits, the resulting entities experiment with a mix of models and activities. My sense is that below the radar, often unregulated by open meeting laws or broadcast communication models, many are experimenting with social mediaRead… Read more »

Do we need an official database of ALL government websites?

With Transparency Camp and OpenGovWest there is a lot of excitement brewing about an effort to establish an “open data set” on all government websites in the United States. This is in particularly targeted to making local government, including all those obscure special districts out there, far more accessible to the people online. The publicRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Goes Local at CityCamp

Who else here hopes to make it to CityCamp in Chicago in January? Looks like a great event is shaping up of January 23-24. What kind of topics would you like to see explored? Any stories/experiences/projects you’d like to share? Also, is hosting the e-mail group for the event, so feel free to virtuallyRead… Read more »

Participation 3.0 Draft

Way back in 1995 I coordinated e-government (we called it government online back then) in the State of Minnesota and launched our first web portal. I also happened to lead as a volunteer a project called Minnesota E-Democracy. I was “government by day, citizen by night.” I shoveled content one-way during the day and participatedRead… Read more »