Pathway to Promotion in Your Government Career

I enjoy hiking.  A while back I took a great hike along the Oregon Coast.  On most hikes, even if it is strenuous or technically challenging, there is a pathway.

Putting in your required number of years to qualify for a government pension still exists today, but this career pathway is certainly shrinking.  As with most things, this shift has its pros and cons.  It would be an interesting anthropological study to explore all these changes, but I will leave that to someone else.

This short little post is simply an introduction to the idea of building and implementing a plan for your career in government.

  • Don’t passively let your career happen
  • Know what you want
  • Make a plan
  • Actively implement the plan

More to come later!  I’d love to here from you about this  Tell me where you are on your path.

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