Peaceful Progress to Protect Rights Pomegranate Party?

I want to form my own party – Peaceful Progress to Protect Rights… I was hoping to creatively think of a drink, like Tea or Coffee, but that starts with a P… maybe the Pomegranate juice Party? OK, maybe not…

My point is – I am appalled at the government legislative actions as of late:

Making it illegal for me to “live” without buying health care? How can our government make me buy something simply because I am “alive” when I am supposed to have the right, not the privilege, to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness… Do I think the insurance industry needs reform, YES, but this is a little too much governing for me.

I am less than thrilled that our government also feels the need to legislate if toys come with meals – that hardly sounds like an issue any government entity should tackle. If the “enticement” of toys is considered unfair then my childhood dentist should have been penalized for unfairly tricking children into sitting through painful teeth cleanings with that promise of a visit to the toy chest afterwards! Making it illegal to lie about the content of foods, thumbs up. Making nutritional information available, thumbs up. Outlawing toys in kids meals? There is nothing interefering with a right or a privelege by placing a toy in a kid’s fast food meal box!

And I am disillusioned by BOTH sides of the Arizon illegal immigrant law. Is illegal immigration a problem – YES. Is stopping illegal immigration a problem – YES. But any time or place where legislation touches on race as a potential factor, GREAT care needs to be taken in its formation. I realize there is language in the bill which states that race/ethnicity is not to be a factor, but to many in this nation who still feel the effects of racism on a daily basis, that is very very little assurance that a system which has already proven itself capable of great wrong-doing will not travel those paths again. And yes, as a person who pays taxes, I too am less than happy that my tax dollars may support folks who are here illegally. But to be so completely angry that we can venture to come close to a racial threat? That’s a little too angry. On the other side, however, our own government officials should not be encouraging civil unrest! And for people who ARE in this country illegally, I have some, but little sympathy — if you knowingly chose to come to here illegally and there are consequences for that, then that was your choice – illegal means you do not have the same rights and priveleges as those who are here legally. If anything, now more than ever, those who fear racism must prove that those who are angry are wrong – that the problems can be solved through correcting our broken systems, not through unruly, uncivilized means. And for those who are angry, now more than ever it is important to safeguard the precious rights of those who are citizens and here legally, lest we again show that racism is alive and well, and that our hard-won rights are easily given away by those who do not experience discrimination.

WE can and we must do better than this. Lead by example, learn through diversity, safe-guard rights, and earned privileges, remove privileges when rules and rights are violated. Fight for freedom using the methods that lend themselves to increased civilization for all, not by regressing to sticks and stones. Fight for rights, rights that protect fair practices, rights to live in peace and harmony, rights that protect boundaries – yours, mine and ours, while protecting that which matters most to all of us, in the great United States of America…. Freedom.

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Abraham Qu

Who rather be an illegal immigration?Alive at a strange place that far from homeland without families?It’s affirmed they have problems more than can talking.
Thank you!

Abraham Qu

Why did the immigration stay here one by one?Not only because its prosperous or security,but because there always means more equal and less odds,more opportunities and less deceits,more ideas and less numbs.All of these are most important to illegal immigrants.I believe it.