Peer-to-peer carsharing gains traction

Now that carsharing programs like Zipcar have become part of the transportation landscape in major cities and university campuses, several start-ups are taking the concept further. Programs like Getaround and RelayRides are based on the concept of peer-to-peer carsharing, which allows people to rent cars directly from one another. Fast Company took a look at the rental process for Getaround, which launched this year. Car owners list their vehicles on the Getaround website, including a description, available rental times, and pickup location. Renters simply sign up for an available time slot and make arrangements to access the vehicle at the designated spot. Car owners decide how much to charge, and Getaround takes 40% of each transaction. While a Prius may go for $6 an hour, a Tesla Roadster will set renters back $75 an hour. Renters can provide feedback on their experience as they would on most consumer sites (“Rick is super nice and his BMW handles great.”) The State of California recently passed a bill that allows people to participate in peer-to-peer carsharing without violating their insurance policies, and both Getaround and RelayRides have insurance coverage for damages for up to $1 million when vehicles are being used by renters. Link to full story in Fast Company.

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