Performance Review or Appraisal

Rely­ing on job-specific criteria is required and is a legal foundation for a performance appraisal. I agreed, “Relying on job-specific criteria makes both managers and their people more comfortable when they discuss performance issues. It provides a focus to the strengths and weaknesses relevant to the job, as well as the justification for ratings. It’s never easy defending or justifying ratings on abstract criteria like “customer focus,” or worse, “integrity” and “creativity”. I would hope that Human Resources will do a better job in managing managers who use irrelevant factors as their justifications for their ratings. Using irrelevant factors in a performance appraisal will defeat the whole purpose of performance management. I do hope Human Resources will actively tackle this problem to maintain the integrity of performance management and to minimize a court intervention. Good managers will want to do it legally and accurately to enhance the ratees’ morale and productivity and to protect the agency from legal lawsuit. Performance review is a personnel practice which can create artificial barriers for ratees in all aspects of their employment.

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