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“Perseverance” – by Troy Williams


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It has been conveyed in public forums that the “ultimate measure of man
is not where he stands during times of comfort and conveyance; it is how

endures challenges and adversity. I am a 43 year old man that has

endured and overcome tremendous adversity. During the decade of the

2000’s I was forced to retire from the Virginia Beach Police Department

after 10 years of cumulative service due to an injury. As a divorced

father of two; I am seeking a scholarship in order to successfully

finance my goal; which is obtaining an Executive Masters in Public

Management from the University of Maryland, College Park.

I would like to convey my personal and professional background; which

will be a substantial addition to your program. Hopefully, you will

discern that I am an excellent candidate for your 2,500.00 Fellowship.

As the first born child to woman who bore 5 children with no husband

my management ability was developed as a child. The low socio-economic

circumstances that I was raised in developed my inherent leadership

ability. This was due to our constant struggle to survive; with dignity.

The entity that provided the direction, vision and strength is the one

true and living God/Jesus the Christ. This relationship has strengthened

throughout my life. When I faced challenges in my neighborhood, school,

athletics or due to happenstance; my inherent ability manage a

situation was an asset. As a youth growing up in an urban environment;

my peers and mentors typically identified me as the ideal candidate to

lead the task that where placed before us. While it was my goal to begin

college following my high school graduation in 1985; I was compelled to

join the United States Marine Corps in order to augment the financial

situation my mother and four siblings faced.

During my honorable tour of service with the United States Marine

Corps; I worked in the headquarters battalion. The administrative clerk

position that I maintained give me the opportunity to be exposed to the

policy and procedures that where utilized by this outstanding

organization. My experiences in terms of typing and proofreading

policies while serving overseas for a year in Okinawa, Japan and Marine

Barracks Norfolk, Virginia (which has been renamed as of this time) will

provide insight that will enhance Public Policy field.

Furthermore, as a result of my 25 years of professional experience;

which has been compiled in a variety of public/policy trust positions;

will provide a unique perspective of perseverance. My extensive and

diverse public/policy positions have afforded me the opportunity to be

employed by and work in concert with numerous Federal, State, Local and

municipal law enforcement, security and intelligence organizations. My

duties have included program management responsibilities in terms of

human resources, security project management, investigator training,

anti-terrorism threat assessment, case investigation, grants and

proposal writing. I have substantial experience in the review of current

and near term reports and local news on political, military, security

and intelligence organizations. My written and oral communication skills

are documented as in terms of being policy subject matter expert.

If I may digress, I would like to further convey my extensive and

diverse professional experience; which includes employment with the city

of Virginia Beach, Virginia Police department as a Law Enforcement

Officer for more than a decade. While there I performed various law

enforcement management related duties, to include implementing and

developing security procedures, investigating crimes, implementing law

enforcement projects, providing technical trainings (classroom and field

emergency management procedures) and conducting on and off duty

security for various organizations. I am a certified software instructor

and training professional with extensive legal and emergency management

experience. I have worked as a Business Systems Analyst II (Threat

Analyst) for the United States Transportation Safety Administration as a

government contractor and your employment opportunity is ideal for an

individual with my extensive and diverse management experience in both

the private and public sector. Proudly, I served our country honorably

in the United States Marine Corps in a variety of capacities consistent

with your academic curriculum.

I have been employed as a Domestic Security Officer with the

Department of State (contractor position). This was a physical security

project management position where I facilitated multifaceted

investigations, management level policy review and overall supervision

of the uniform protective division. Importantly, I served as the primary

corporate point of contact with COTRs/Contractor Program Managers/Task

Monitors; which is consistent with your job description.

Furthermore, my previous duties with the Department of State included

conducting policy review, investigations and inspections of domestic

facilities to ensure compliance with FAM regulations, federal and

domestic security standards. I have been responsible for the for the

internal defense policy concepts as necessary; in order to incorporate

improved physical security upgrades as well as initiate and approve

physical security policy surveys. These policies are implemented and

conducted annually. I have periodically conduct executive level security

policy briefings to provide necessary knowledge of specific security

regulation and procedures to their assigned facility. I have been

responsible for investigating/documenting security violations and

investigations. In this capacity I also oversee and manage the Uniformed

Protection Officers at domestic facilities within the Department of

State. In the event of an emergency incident, I am required to respond

to the incidents as a First Responder. I have been in a First Responder

capacity for more than two decades. I am certified by FEMA as an

Incident Commander in the event of a major crisis.

I have been the responsible for conducting initial investigations of

allegations and criminal incidents that involve violations of the U. S.

Criminal Code of U. S. Government regulations by employees or

contractors in cooperation with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS),

Officer Investigations and Counterintelligence (ICI) or other

appropriate law enforcement agencies when directed. Additionally, my

position supported the Office of Diplomatic Protection for the Secretary

of State and Diplomatic Protection for Foreign Dignitaries and others

with managing the protection of classified policy information and

screening guest at special events.

It should be noted that during my career as a City of Virginia Beach,

Virginia Police Officer I supervised and trained officers/investigators

in a variety of capacities that relate to physical security, public

policy, training, and coordinated emergency services in concert with

private and public sector entities. As a Uniform Patrol Officer I

attended a Department of Criminal Justice Services certified training

academy. I became a certified instructor in various law enforcement

capacities during my career. I have had an opportunity to develop policy

information that led to successful apprehension and investigation of

complex crimes on various levels.

In conclusion, I would like to respectfully request consideration for

a scholarship that will augment my ability to successfully complete

your dynamic academic program. I would thank you in advance for all of

your time and consideration in accepting me into your outstanding

program; which I believe is designed for a distinguished professional

such as myself, have a good day.

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