Personal Democracy Forum ramp-up: twenty-five hundred years of Government 2.0

Second blog on upcoming Personal Democracy Forum conference:–1.html

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David Farr

I thought America was actually a Republic. Isn’t Democracy really just mob rule. 51% and the rest are out of luck? Isn’t a Republic governed by pre-determined laws, eg Constitution?

Andy Oram

I’m neither a historian nor a political scientist, but because the Democratic party was once named the Democratic-Republican party, I’m confident that both terms apply to the USA. I believe one could have a democratic (limited) monarchy or a tyrannical republic, too.

Al Fullbright

It seems like the squeekiest wheels get heard the most. The people of Iran are an inspiration for me. I think we can best represent our veiwpoints by making ourselves heard. Not just at the ballot box, but by actually sharing our veiwpoints. The freedom of speech is basic to all American rights, as are the rights of life (Health Care), liberty (Reform of the Criminal Justice System), and the pursuit of happiness (Re-newed American Dream). I think the people make law at every election by mandate.