Ph.D. Position: Multi Agent Systems and Public Administration, at Leibniz Center for Law

An announcement respecting a Ph.D. position in multiagent systems has been posted by the Leibniz Center for Law:

A PhD position on agent concepts in public administration at the Leibniz Center for Law, University of Amsterdam.

The PhD student will work on the design methodology for multi-agent simulations, and address the interesting theoretical questions we have about agent role descriptions as design components in multi-agent simulation. The PhD student will also give input to a methodology for acquisition of legal knowledge from the text of the law.

Agent roles in general are identied with a set of abilities, and a set of susceptibilities to actions of others, and with goals, plans, and beliefs typical of that role. Law-based agent roles are a natural approach to knowledge acquisition from the sources of law. Law-based agent roles can be characterized by a set of powers and liabilities, duties and rights found in legal rules in thetext of the law. […]

Job requirements

The candidate is supposed to write a PhD-thesis on the subject outlined below. He or she will be contracted as a PhD-student (AiO) conform the regulations of the University of Amsterdam.

The candidate for this position should have a master’s degree or equivalent. The candidate should be interested in the legal domain & in multi-agent systems. We are looking for someone with programming skills and a background in multi-agent systems, knowledge representation, and/or semantic web technology. […]

For application instructions or for more information, please see the complete announcement.

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