Please take the survey: Consumers, what are your support preferences?

Did I mention that I will be speaking about Social Support Communities at Parafest ‘10? I am spending time chatting with some of the larger Enterprise companies in the world to bring you more information on that front and I know you will find the session valuable. However, I want to go beyond the Enterprise perspective and better understand what real consumers expect, want to help?

Of course you do. I have put together a very simple survey that I would love your feedback on. It should take you less than a couple of minutes to answer the survey, just remember to answer the survey from the perspective as you, the consumer. I will leave this survey open until the end of March (or until I need to give Parature my final presentation).

Please take the survey by navigating here:

Thanks everyone, hope to see you in Las Vegas.


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Joey White

I’m a big fan of online options. Here’s how I’d rank my preferences:

1. Chat
2. Online platform
3. Email
4. In person
5. Phone

I like the chat option the best because it’s both recorded in writing and it’s arguably just as immediate and interactive as the phone or in person options are.

Online platforms are usually good, though they’re very dependent on the platform and it is a little frustrating in that each company uses a different platform that you have to get used to.

Email isn’t ideal since you don’t know when you’ll get a response, but at least the information is still in writing.

My second job out of college was working in a support environment and I use various support systems as a customer on a fairly regular basis. Chat definitely wins in my opinion.