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PM Podcast Episode 184: How to Develop Your Leadership Skills (Project Leadership Series)

This week’s episode of the Project Management Podcast:

In today’s episode we continue our PM Podcast project leadership series. I have invited Andy Kaufmann, PMP from The Institute for Leadership Excellence & Development (www.i-leadonline.com and www.peopleandprojectspodcast.com) to discuss how each and everyone of you could go about to develop your project management leadership skills.

In the interview, Andy and I discuss how project management differs from project leadership, if a project leader needs subject matter expertise, why he recommends that we develop capability in our teams and of course he gives us his tips on skill development.

As a special gift to our premium listeners, Andy is making two Leadership Appraisal worksheets available to our premium listeners. You’ll get both the self appraisal and the others appraisal form. One is for you to fill in and one is to give to your peers, team members or boss to fill in. So… if you are a premium listener: thank you very much for suppoprting the podcast financially and please check your iTunes for these 2 PDF documents. (Note: These worksheets are not available on our website or via the free podcast. They are delivered via your paid, premium podcast subscription feed.)

Please go to the PM Podcast to find this and all previous episodes…

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