What Do You Do With Mornings Not Spent in Traffic?

I wasn’t sitting in traffic this morning. I’m convinced that teleworking has alternative health benefits. Trust me…I’m so much LESS stressed now that I’m not screaming and shouting at the guy that just cut me off on I-495. And there are more benefits too…the guy behind me that almost suffered a stroke as I slammed on my breaks to avoid hitting the guy that just cut me off…yeah, he’s feeling much LESS stressed now too.

All joking aside, teleworking has its definite benefits. Here is how I got ready for my work day today: CLICK HERE. Now I’m ready to face the day and be productive!

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Stephanie Slade

I don’t telework, but like many people, I do take public transit. I love that someone else can deal with the logistics of getting me where I’m going and I can read the paper. My commute is a good 45 minutes long, but it’s productive time. I don’t know if I could handle driving to work for that long every day.

Bill McDermott

Have to say that teleworking is not adding a lot of quality to my life, only about 30 minutes of extra sleep. I still need to find time to do the reading that I do on my subway ride and replace the exercise I am not getting by not walking the mile to and from the subway or going to the gym at lunch time. That said I do like having my office be the back porch on mornings like today, listening to the birds and scampering squirrels.