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PMF Assessment #1 2010-2011 (Class of 2011)

It appears the notice of results (i.e. the email with the link and information on the assessment) are starting to go out today to those PMF hopefuls who both successfully applied and were nominated by their respective school’s nomination official.

As mentioned previously this year the assessment process has changed. This year the assessment process is comprised of an online (but timed) battery with three sections and a still somewhat detail-hazy in person assessment in one of 4 major cities around the nation. The emails that are going out today are regarding the online assessment. The OPM PMF office has shared previously in information sessions that the general idea is roughly 20% of all applicants who take the online assessment will be moved on as semi-finalists to the in-person assessment. Roughly 50% (or roughly 10% of the total original applicants) of the semi-finalists will be moved along as finalists from that. Finalists will then compete in a Roman style gladiator match for open positions for open PMF positions through interviews with individual agencies.
The first assessment is structured as follows:
Situation Judgement: 30-48 questions with 30-40 minutes alloted for completion.
Life Experience: 125 questions with 45 minutes alloted for completion.
Writing: A writing prompt with 10-15 minutes alloted for completion.
There is a preparation guide available on the PMF website, www.pmf.gov (note: still the same PMF website, what happened to the really sleek looking new one?) While these materials are available, there is really very little one can do to prepare as there are no correct answers to any of the questions. Hopefully I’ll be able to write another blog post in the coming months on the next step of the process. Good luck everyone!
In case you have not seen the news yet, the Federal Career Intern Program has met an abrupt and painful (for agencies in my understanding) metaphorical death. For those that have knowledge of both programs, do you think there will be more opportunities for PMF finalists in securing a position at an agency because of the loss of a big recruitment program like the Federal Career Intern Program? Is it a case of these being such completely different animals that there will be no effect on PMF finalists? I know the PMF program costs a decent amount for agencies to participate in hiring PMFs, so possibly not based on that alone. Thoughts?

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