Political law links for Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PERRY FUNDRAISING IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Politico. “Adding to the problem, these allies said, is that Perry has never had to raise money under the intense national media scrutiny of a presidential campaign or the more restrictive federal rules — and they question whether some of his early fundraising efforts were fully vetted for compliance with those rules, let alone perceptions.”

SUPER-BUNDLING. The Post. “The 2012 contest brings ‘super bundlers,’ a new breed of fundraisers who can raise millions for candidates and outside groups at the same time.”

BUS TOUR QUESTIONS. Politico. “Despite its blatant political agenda, taxpayers are footing the bill. A billion-dollar reelection kitty doesn’t buy nearly as much as it used to.” The Hill‘s coverage is here. The Times has this: “The swath of the Midwest that Mr. Obama has visited in the last week — he went to Michigan last week — are four states that he easily won in 2008. But his popularity has flagged there, while Republican confidence has swelled after the party’s midterm election gains last year in local, state and federal offices.”


SUPER COMMITTEE DONATIONS. The Hill. “The fiscally conservative Club for Growth may have opposed the compromise that raised the debt ceiling and led to the creation of the supercommittee of 12 members of Congress, but the organization has donated more to those members than any other.”

PERRY/COLBERT TREASURER STORY. Here. “Salvatore Purpura, who has represented numerous political committees as treasurer over the years, told POLITICO that he resigned on Thursday as treasurer of Colbert’s super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.”

DEBATE COMPLAINT. Story here. “Fox News Channel will soon face a legal complaint with the Federal Election Commission from Fred Karger, the gay candidate it excluded from a Republican presidential debate last week.”

FUNDRAISING SINCE AMES. The Hill. “Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-Minn.) presidential campaign claimed an influx of support since her big win Saturday in the Ames, Iowa straw poll.”

BOEING’S LOBBYING. New LDA reports are in and Boeing’s number is the topic of this report.

CU ISSUES IN PHOENIX. Story here. “Suddenly, Phoenix elections are overrun with amorphous political committees doing their damnedest to influence city politics, groups about which the public knows next to nothing.”

ALEC ISSUES IN MN. Story here. “Craig Holman, a lobbyist for the open-government group Public Citizen, agreed that the federal lobbying disclosure requirements likely don’t apply to ALEC because the main focus of the organization is on state lawmakers. But Holman said that state lobbying disclosure laws — including Minnesota’s, which are some of the toughest — do apply.”

WILL ALBANY CHANGE? Story here. “On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an ethics reform bill that aims to put Albany on the path from dysfunctional nightmare to a wonderland of legislative bliss.”

ROMAN PORTER STEPPING DOWN. Story here. “Roman Porter announced Tuesday that he is leaving the [California] Fair Political Practices Commission, six months after Gov. Jerry Brown appointed Ann Ravel as the panel’s chairwoman.”


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