Pounding the Podium (And God bless you too Ted)

Raindrops on rock. If we wash the hard rock of positions with the rain of ideas and solutions, we can change the paradigm of political conversation from the shouting of slogans and sound bites to serious consideration of facts (we each have our own,) interests, and possible solutions in a context where consideration is possible. That is when we are relatively calm, relaxed, and ready to think and understand points of view. When that consideration is the object of our action, we may be able to refine thought and make better action. There is great value in speech making, organizing, lobbying, political action, and resistance to political action. But we have all the filters and blocks up when we shout our positions at each other. We get stuck in our positions. Like rocks.

2.0 is like rain. It’s falling on the rocks now. Hopefully, we can work in a shorter timeline.

Rain on.


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