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PowToon: Making my AppSumo addiction worth it

I admit it. I’m an AppSumo addict. For those of you that are unaware, AppSumo is not precisely a daily deal website but they push out deals on things that would be appealing to entrepreneurs, creators and technology oriented folks. I admit I am a complete sucker for a lot of these deals. I have bought courses on marketing, I’ve bought Piktochart (which I’ve covered previously to rapidly develop infographics) and a whole host of other things here and there. Recently though I had a deal on an app called PowToon. Powtoon is a web based tool much like Piktochart, only what it does is it enables you to build out fairly professional looking cartoons that you can then use to drive home messaging.

One of the things that got me to pull the trigger was a conversation that we had recently. We were doing a review of our marketing materials with the product marketing director for Salesforce and while he was very impressed with our infographics, a lot of which was developed right out of Piktochart, he said we really didn’t have anything that spoke to the emotional side of people. Everything we had was very data driven. We didn’t have anything that was funny, or inspiring, or made people care for reasons other than sheer weight of the numbers.

Timing is everything sometimes and so when we got offered a deal to buy a year’s subscription to PowToon, I did. I thought I’d share with you my first draft of what we developed and then I’m curious what other people’s reactions ire. It’s really kind of a unique way of presenting things and very user friendly. To put it in perspective, my first time out with what I’m about to share took about two hours to make on Independence Day eve while we were sitting around with family watching TV. So it’s really easy to use and there’s not a lot of ramp up time in developing it. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks.

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