Presidential Transition 2008

Just joined GovLoop at the recommendation of Steve Kelman! Looks like this is a long-needed forum for public sector employees and I’m interested in helping bring both content and connections.

The IBM Center for The Business of Government offers thought leadereship resources for government managers on a wide range of topics. It commissions research from top academics and non-profit groups and then publishes them on its website for free. In the Center’s 10 years, it has published more than 200 reports, 20 books, and sponsors a magazine and a radio show. All are available at: www.businessofgovernment.org.

This year, the Center is sponsoring research around management issues facing the next president. In addition to having a number of publications and 2 books underway, it sponsors a blog on the presidential transition: www.transition2008.wordpress.com. Visit and contribute!

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Good evening Mr. John Kamensky,
I selected you out of a group of featured members on GovLoop, I don’t know why but I’m glad I did. I’ve checked out http://www.businessofgovernment.org and they have some fascinating articles about various contracting issues which I’m reading. I’m now reading Performance-Based Acquisition-What is the problem?
As you might guess, I’m in the contracting field so these topics grab my attention. Thanks for the great resources. Tomorrow I’ll check out http://www.transition2008.wordpress.com
I did take the survey at http://www.businessofgovernment.org


John Kamensky

Hi Linda — The IBM Center is sponsoring a series of monthly forums on the various dimensions of the contracting challenges facing federal managers. Academics from George Mason University are leading the forums and doing a nice job of summarizing the results which we are posting on our website. Glad you find it helpful! We hope to take the various summaries later this year and turn it into an issue paper for the new Administration.