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3 Lessons Learned for Government Communications

I just watched a video from GovDelivery client Ann Marie Felicio, Public Affairs Specialist at Tricare. Ann Marie explains some of the benefits of GovDelivery and their products and services. There are a lot of interesting take-aways from the video, and it is interesting to consider how technology is helping to leverage efficiencies how agenciesRead… Read more »

David McClure: Cloud Computing Opportunities and Challenges

In 2009, the Obama Administration announced the Federal Government’s Cloud Computing Initiative. The goals of the initiative were to leverage cloud computing to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and cut costs for the federal government. Since the initiative, there has been great strides made in cloud computing. Data consolidation has taken off, as the government plansRead… Read more »

2011 Federal Digital Communications Report

A new report by GovDelivery, the 2011 Federal Digital Communications Report, highlights communication trends from over 500 government organizations and half of all federal agencies that are using GovDelivery Digital Communication Management. In honor of 2011, GovDelivery listed out a “Top 11” series in a variety of different categories. You can download the report here,Read… Read more »

Google joins opposition to Georgia bill limiting municipal broadband

Google is joining a coalition of companies, communities and activists encouraging Georgia state Senators to vote against a bill that would effectively limit municipal broadband in the state. The was introduced by a Republican lawmaker who claims that government networks unfairly compete with private providers. The bill SB 313 introduced by Sen. Majority Leader ChipRead… Read more »

Don’t Mess with My Outlook!

People hate change – it’s hard-wired into our lizard brains. Change is unpredictable, potentially life threatening. Which explains why you’re afraid to try Google Apps. You’ve spent years getting to know Outlook. GMail might kill you! Okay, so the whole life preservation thing may be a little out of proportion. But still, you like Outlook?Read… Read more »

Sunlight Foundation: Tools for Transparency: Google Reader is Still Relevant, Part III

In continuing with the “Google Reader is Still Relevant” meme (read Parts I and II here) I wanted to make a quick note on how I’m seeing extended value in Google Reader after integrating it with IFTTT. Google Reader has morphed from a somewhat useful curation channel to an incredibly useful one. On its own,Read… Read more »

Google Docs offline comes to Android, but no editing allowed

I’m a big fan of Google Docs. Very useful free application. Interesting to see an offline version. We’ll see how it works. Google Docs offline comes to Android, but no editing allowed By Jon Brodkin | Published about 2 hours agoLast updated about 2 hours ago Google keeps taking tiny steps toward creating a full-fledgedRead… Read more »

Network Engineer (DoD Secret Clearance) – Tampa, FL

Presidio Networked Solutions is the leading provider of professional and managed services for advanced IT solutions. Our services and solutions enable our clients to maximize their return on investment in data center/virtualization, collaboration, security, mobility and networking technology. More than 1,800 Presidio professionals serve over 5,000 clients in all 50 U.S. states, Europe and Asia.Read… Read more »